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Social Media as Semiotic Technology

The symposium took place  at  University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Meetingroom “Rainbow” Campus Kollegiet, Odense Campusvej 1, 13th floor,
5230 Odense M
Thursday 22 September
 9.15  Søren Vigild Poulsen & Gunhild Kvåle: Welcome & presentation of participants
 9.45  Emilia Djonov & Theo van Leeuwen: Analysing semiotic software: A social semiotic approach to studying software’s role in guiding, expanding, and distributing meaning-making
 10.45   Coffee break
 11.00  Søren Vigild Poulsen & Gunhild Kvåle: Social media as semiotic technology – a social semiotic multimodal perspective
 11.45  Lunch
 13.00  Jill Walker Rettberg: Hand Signs for Lipsyncing: the Emergence of a Gestural Language on
 13.45  Ruth Page: YouTube as a Social Semiotic for Citizen Journalism: The Oscar Pistorius Trial
 14.30  Coffee & cakes
 14.45  Sumin Zhao: Everyday aesthetics, public “scrapbook” & multimodal curation: the question of authorship in the digital space
 15.45  Wrap-up & round table discussion
 19.00  Dinner in town 

Friday 23 September

9.15 Michele Zappavigna: Social media photography: Intersubjectivity and the construal of self in Instagram images
 10.15  Coffee break
10.30    Bo Kampmann Walther: The Way We Stage Ourselves. Social Technology Meets Human Capital: A Semiotic Framework
 11.15  Berit Henriksen: Framing the Audience: Representations of Closeness in Social Media Texts
 12.00 Lunch 
 13.15  Elisabetta Adami: Be different (with taste): Affordances, practices and agency in the shaping of style and aesthetics
 14.00  Tuomo Hiippala: Scale up: analysing social media images using computer vision and machine learning
 14.45  Coffee & cakes
 15.00  Theo van Leeuwen: Dialogue and Interactivity on Social Media
 15.45  Wrap-up: What is social media as semiotic technology, and where do we go from here?
 19.00  Dinner in town


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