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Making Traces

The symposium had a multidisciplinary agenda. It seeked to place the study of graphic traces close to the core of contemporary humanities, and to link it to studies of communication, culture and cognition.  More specifically, it aimed to study (i) the processes of making and perceiving graphic traces, (ii) the graphic traces themselves (as texts) and (iii) the relationship between articulatory dynamics and traces.

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

8.30-8.50  Registration and Coffee 
8.50-9.00  Opening of the symposium 
 Keynote: Brody Neuenschwander (Independent)
Ink under your nails. You still have ten fingers and why that matters
 Brody Neuenschwander Workshop Part I
10.45-11.00    Coffee 
11.00-12.30  Brody Neuenschwander Workshop Part II 
12.30-13.30  Lunch 
13.30-14.15  Keynote: Timothy Ingold (Uni. Aberdeen)
Touchlines: Manual Inscription and Haptic Perception
Karine Bouchy (Uni. Paris 7)
The Notions of ”trace” and ”line”in the light of letter arts
14.45-15.00  Tea Break 
15.00-15.30  Anne Douglas (Robert Gordon University) & Amanda Ravetz (Manchester Metropolitan University)
The Graphic line – an event in its own materialization
15.30-16.00     Segolène Tarte (Uni. Oxford)
Text as Shape, Text as Meaning: Papyrology and Dotremont’s Logogrammes

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

9.00-9.45  Keynote: Andreas Stötzner (Independent)
Tracing the basics – A study in graphic shapes
9.45-10.15  Lieve Cornil (Independent)
The European Lettering Institute – a School for Making Traces
10.15-10.30     Coffee Break 
10.30-11.00  Anne Løvland (Uni. Agder) & Pål Repstad (Uni. Agder)
Physical Traces of Religion in Public Spaces
11.00-11.30  Mahdiyeh Meidani (Uni. Tübingen)
Calligraphy as Graphically autonomous form: A corpus study of Persian Calligraphic letterforms with a multimodal approach.
11.30-12.00  Gunhild Kvåle (Uni. Agder)
Making Traces in Digital Media
12.00-13.00     Lunch
13.00-13.45  Keynote: Marieke Longcamp (Uni. Aix-Marseilles)
Production and visual perception of handwritten traces: A cognitive neuroscience perspective
13.45-14.15  Elise Seip Tønnessen (Uni. Agder)
Signifying intimate needs in public space: An analysis of toilet signs
14.15-14.45  Aurélie Lagarrigue (Uni. Aix-Marseilles)
The neural network of reading: Does writing help the brain accomodate for linguistic diversity?
14.45-15.00  Tea Break 
15.00-15.30  Raymond Lucas (Uni. Manchester)
The Discipline of Tracing in Architectural Drawing

Friday, November 21st, 2014

9.00-9.45  Keynote: Theo van Leeuwen (Uni. Southern Denmark) & Christian Mosbæk Johannessen (Uni. Southern Denmark)
9.45-10.15  Georgia Aiello (Uni. Leeds)
Losing to Gain: Balancing Style and Texture in the Starbucks logo
10.15-10.30   Coffee Break 
10.30-11.15  Keynote: Paul Thibault (Uni. Agder)
Graphic trace-making as articulated-expressive trajectories of movement: De-textualizing and de-stratifying writing.
11.15-12.30  Wrap-up discussion
Plans for publication 
12.30-13.30    Lunch 
13.30  Symposium ends 


Making Traces in book form?

Most of the program as displayed is available in the book: The Materiality of Writing.

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