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Elena Nicoladis to SDU June 27

Professor Elena Nicoladis comes to the University of Southern Denmark June 27

Center for Language Learning has the pleasure to annonce that the international well known researcher Elena Nicoladis, University of Alberta, Canada, is going to make a presentation at the University concerning the language acquisition of bilingual children.


See Elena Nicoladis' powerpoint presentation.


Childhood bilingualism and usage-based theories


Usage-based (UB) theories posit that children acquire language through usage. Bilingual children hear each of their languages less often than monolingual children. UB theories therefore predict that bilingual children would lag behind monolingual children in each of their languages. In this talk, I will argue that there is, in fact, some evidence supporting that prediction. However, there is also evidence showing that bilingual children can sometimes be on par with monolingual children. Furthermore, bilingual children do not always lag behind monolinguals as much as one might expect. I argue that bilingual children can exploit some cognitive resources on some linguistic tasks. It is not clear how to incorporate the exploitation of cognitive resources into UB theories.

Date: Wednesday June 27 1-3 pm.

Place: University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej 55 (room U77), 5230 Odense M

Price: Free - no registration

Last Updated 23.02.2021