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CHI participates in a 10 mio. kr. project funded by The Nordea Foundation

CHI member Erin L. Beatty and CHI director Sune V. Steffensen will participate in a project funded by The Nordea Foundation that will provide brain training in 18 Danish schools. The Nordea Foundation has funded 10 mio. Danish kr. to the project. The award will also co-finance a Ph.D. position at SDU to test the program’s efficacy scientifically.

 The initiator of this project, Gitte Bargholt headmaster at Tietgen Handelsgymnasium in Odense, started a pilot project at Tietgen Handelsgymnasium and received good results with this sort of brain training. Now the project “Hjernetræning I ungdomsuddannelserne” will be implemented in 17 other schools, where CHI member Erin L. Beatty will supervise a Ph.D. project, which will validate the results scientifically.


The brain training is a functional training of the cognitive functions, the inner motivation and social relations. The training is based on the brains plasticity and the research focuses on the processes in the brain as an interaction between brain, body and the environment.


The training will include groups of 12-30 people who will participate in small challenges, where communication and teamwork is essential elements in the solution process. These activities also contains movement and thinking while the participants will receive important information to challenge their ability to concentrate.

Editing was completed: 13.04.2016