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Accommodation in Odense

The two hotels – Hotel Ansgar and Hotel Plaza – are part of Milling Hotels, and both hotels provide high-quality accommodation in an easy-going atmosphere. The hotels are situated in the same block in the central part of Odense City, with immediate access to public transportation to and from the conference site at the university. Located in the city center, the hotels are in the vicinity of both entertainment activities and dining facilities offered by the city.

Finally, but not least, the hotels have given LangEnact II /CHIAS V attendees a most generous offer: by supplying the booking code below, you will receive app. 20% discount!

We strongly advise you to book your room as early as possible, as we cannot guarantee that there are rooms enough for all LangEnact attendees!


Prices & Contact information

You can book your room by contacting the hotels directly at the links listed below.


  • Plaza Hotel 
    •  Single room: 675,00 DKR per night (incl. breakfast)
    • Double room: 765,00 DKR per night (incl. breakfast)
  • Ansgar Hotel
    •  Single room: 562,50 DKR per night (incl. breakfast)
    • Double room: 652,50 DKR per night (incl. breakfast)


 Booking information

You book your room by directly contacting one of the hotels. If the hotel you approach is fully booked, it will direct you to the other hotel.

When you book your room, you are kindly requested to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Affiliation
  • Date of arrival
  • Date of departure
  • Credit card number and date of expiry
  • Booking Code – see below! 

The booking code that you are requested to provide in order to obtain the special LangEnact offer, is:

  • Hotel Ansgar:   Langenact Ansgar
  • Hotel Plaza:  Langenact Plaza

NB! It is the cancellation policy of all two hotels that you can cancel your booking up till 48 hours before the date of arrival. If you have not cancelled, and you do not arrive, the hotel will charge your credit card for the price of the first night.

Last Updated 01.12.2017