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From CO2 and Renewable Electricity to Methane for Transport and Industry

Privat LAY

Through this project we develop biologically mediated upgrading systems from lab-scale to industry scale, where H2 generated through water electrolysis is biologically converted to CH4 by the action of autochthonous hydrogenotrophic methanogens.

The specific tasks in the project deals with is:

  • Standardize the design of bio-trickling filter reactors for ex-situ methanation
  • Maximize the production capacity of CH4 per unit volume of the reactor
  • Tests of different packing materials
  • Develop SOP for the startup and operation of the bio-trickling filter reactors
  • Direct inoculation with digestate from biogas plant
  • Nutrient consumption and dosing strategy
  • Nutrient trickling strategy
  • Cooling of full-scale plants
  • Recirculation of the product gas
  • Design and test the operation of a 2 m3 pilot plant.

The laboratory is equipped with advanced bioreactors from lab- to pilot-scale together with state-of-the-art analytical instruments. The lab is “ATEX certified for safe working environment to avoid explosive atmosphere according to EU Directive 1999/92/EC ('ATEX Workplace Directive'), specifically to safe use of hydrogen for biogas upgrading experiment.  Our facilities include 4 GC and HPLC systems, ion chromatography, ion-trap mass spectrometer, LC-QTOF, LC-QQQ MS, flam ionization atomic absorption spectrometer. 

• Lab-scale trickle bed reactors for biogas upgrading.
• Soxhlet extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction. 
• Gas composition measurement using GC-FID and GC-TCD.
• Liquid media composition analysis using GC-FID and HPLC with RID and VWD.
Group members:

Professor, head of department Jens Ejbye Schmidt
Professor, head of Life Cycle Engineering, Henrik Wenzel  
Associate professor, Jin Mi Triolo
Executive officer, Lars Yde
Postdoc, Muhammad Tahir Ashraf
PhD student Brian Dahl Jønson


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Selected publications

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Project Info

  • Partners in the project are:
    Nature Energy, Biogas Clean and DTU
  • The project period is four years and the budget is 23 mill. Dkr. and is funded by EUDP

Last Updated 18.11.2021