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Current Ph.D.-projects

Ph.D.-student: Stine Emilie Junker Udesen
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Prevention of potentially unnecessary hospital contacts: A multi methods project with a municipality perspective 

Ph.D.-student: Michael Dan Arvig
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Monitoring patients with acute dyspnoea with a serial focused ultrasound of the heart and the lungs (MODUS)

Ph.D.-student: Marianne Fløjstrup
Main supervisor: Mikkel Brabrand
Project:  The reformation of the Danish healthcare system – from the many small hospitals to few big emergency departments

Ph.D.-student: Stine Hanson
Main supervisor: Mikkel Brabrand
Project: The very old patient’s perspective: Important factors at end-of-life, treatment preferences and stability of those

Ph.D.-student: Louise Houlberg Walther 
Main supervisor: Søren Mikkelsen
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen 
Project: Identification and early treatment of critically ill patients by prehospital measurement of blood lactate

Ph.D.-student: Louise Milling 
Main supervisor: Søren Mikkelsen
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen 
Project: Decision-making in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: Ethics in resuscitation

Ph.D.-student: Christina Østervang 
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Acute Careplanning in Emergency Departments (The ACE study) 

Ph.D.-student: Camilla Schade 
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Sepsis Impact

Ph.D.-student: Søren Kabell  Nissen
Main supervisor: Mikkel Brabrand
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen  

Upcoming Ph.D.-projects

Ph.D.-student: Sune Laugesen  
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Yngre lægers trivsel

Previous Ph.D.-projects


Ph.D.-student: Minna Riishede
Main supervisor: Gunnar Baatrup
Co-supervisor: Christian B. Laursen, and Annmarie Lassen
Project: Ultra sonographic in the Emergency Department - A Randomized Controlled Multicenter Study

Ph.D.-student: Peter Bank Pedersen
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Shock and organ failure among adult patients in the Emergency Department – treatment, target points, incidence, etiology and prognosis. A hospital based cohort study at Odense University Hospital 2012-2015


Ph.D.-student: Camilla Louise Nørgaard Bech
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Co-supervisor: Mikkel Brabrand og Jesper Hallas
Project: Patient@risk


Ph.D.-student: Anette Tanderup
Main supervisor: Jens-Ulrik Rosholm
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen, Jesper Ryg, and Anne Lee
Project: The elder acute medical patient. Clinical characteristics and feasibility of a Hospital at home supported technology

Ph.D.-student: Athamaica Ruiz Oropeza
Main supervisor: Charlotte Gotthard Mørtz
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen and Carsten Bindslev-Jensen
Project: Anaphylaxis Prevalence in Odense: Treatment and Elicitors in Children and Adults (APOTECA)

Ph.D.-student: Nivethitha Priyanthan
Main supervisor: Christian Backer Mogensen
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen, Hans Mickley, and Axel Diederichsen
Project: Patients with non-cardiac chest pain – risk stratification and prognosis

Ph.D.-student: Abdellatif Aharaz 
Main supervisor: Henning Beck-Nielsen
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen and Kim Brøsen
Project: Metformin-induced lactic acidosis - Incidence and prediction through genotyping

Ph.D.-student: Søren Mikkelsen
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Co-supervisor: Palle Toft and Hans Morten Lossius
Project: Physician administered pre-hospital emergency care 


Ph.D.-student: Jon Gitz Holler 
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Hypotension and shock in the Emergency Department and prehospital setting 

Ph.D.-student: Stig Lønberg Nielsen
Co-supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Nosocomial bacteremia - epidemiology and outcome 

Ph.D.-student: Daniel Henriksen 
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: SIRS and sepsis among acute medical patients

Ph.D.-student: Michala Kehrer
Main supervisor: Annmarie Lassen
Project: Spinal infections in Funen County

Last Updated 15.10.2021