Mads Bastrup Israelsen

PhD fellow, Clinical Research Assistant, MD

Phone: +45 5182 9958

Mads Israelsen is a PhD fellow and risk manager at the Liver Research Centre. In 2016, he graduated from medical school at University of Copenhagen. His main research interests are renal failure in cirrhosis and the role of gut-liver axis in liver fibrogenesis. With three years’ experience in clinical research he is responsible for two clinical intervention trials; 1) DOBOUSTRESS - Renal and cardiac effects of terlipressin and dobutamine in patients with cirrhosis and ascites - A randomised study. 2) Alcohol Challenge on Liver and Gut Measured by Liver Vein Catheterization - A Pathophysiological Intervention Trial. In addition, he is involved in the overall recruitment of participants for the clinical trials at the Liver Research Centre.