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European partners from the Galaxy and MicrobLiver projects met in March


In March 2020 – before the COVID-19 outbreak – the partners from the H2020 project GALAXY and MicrobLiver projects met in Copenhagen.

OUH has initiated four GALAXY clinical trials of with two are finalized. The two finalized cohort studies have so far been used for discovery and validation of biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of fibrosis, hepatic inflammation, and fatty liver. In the Galaxy trials we have assembled an extensive data warehouse and gathered a large biobank from the clinical studies, including blood, urine, stool and liver specimens. Two of the OUH trails are still ongoing. The Rifaxamin study is a randomized, placebo controlled trial, directly targeting the gut microbiome using the gut-selective antibiotic Rifaximin. The fourth study is a randomized controlled trial comparing a special dietary supplement for medical purposes, the synbiotic Profermin, with a general food for medical purposes, Fresubin.

The project meetings focus was to get a status of what the partners are currently working on, see what projects are finalized, and discuss plans for the final stage of the remaining projects in terms of data analysis and plans for publications.