General conditions

The single course programme allows you to read up to:

• 90 ECTS credits at bachelor level
• 60 ECTS credits at master level (not including the Master’s thesis – this may not be written for students enrolled in the single course programme).

If you wish to read a complete Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, you must reapply to the general programme. Your certificate for the spring and autumn semesters will automatically be printed in the beginning of September and March respectively.

For students following electives at the single course programme:

If you wish to complete an entire elective as a single course student in order to gain teaching competence, and you wish to spread the courses over several years, be aware whether your single courses are a part of, or may be transferred to, the same curriculum.If you spend several years completing your education, we cannot guarantee that all courses are part of the same curriculum.

Curricula are dynamic and are altered as the programmes develop. Contact the programme secretary or adviser if you have any questions.

Other general rules
• You cannot receive the State Education Grant (SU)
• You cannot be granted leave of absence
• Requirements such as the First-Year Examination are not applicable to programmes that fall under the Open University Act and the Announcement of Part-Time Education
• As a single course student, you participate on equal terms with full-time students. Regular attendance and preparation are necessary prerequisites if you wish to make the most of your studies
• As a single course student, you may not enrol as an independent student
• You cannot enrol as a single course student if you are simultaneously enrolled in the same programme as a full-time student.

The University of Southern Denmark offers several courses as single courses or electives with reference to the University Act (no. 403 of 28.05.03), Announcement of Part-Time Education (no. 1188 of 07.12.09) and the Admission Announcement (no. 181 of 23.02.10) The university reserves the right not to admit applicants due to capacity related reasons, since available spaces are a prerequisite.

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