Admission requirements

If you wish to start the programme by September 1st 2013, you are required to have at least two years worth of business experience. You must also have passed a qualifying examination.

The following exams qualify you for the Business Administration Part 2 programme:

  • Business Administration Part 1
  • BSc in Economics and Business Administration (dat/mat/kom/sem), BSc IB,
  • MSc in Economics and Business Administration
  • Market Economist
  • Marketing economist (the courses in Managerial Economics and Statistics must be succesfully passed)
  • Financial economist
  • BA in Commerce, International Trade and Marketing and BA in Commerce, financial Management and Resource Management (the courses in Statistics, Global Economy, Business Economics and Commercial Law must be passed successfully).
  • A BA in Commerce in Financial Counselling gives you direct access to Business Administration Part 2 (particularly the line in Financial Counselling).
    Admission to other Business Administration lines depends on when the BA in Commerce in Financial Counselling was begun:

o    Before September 2009:
The elective courses in Business Economics and Statistics must be successfully passed.

o    In September 2009 or later:
Bank and Accounting lines, if the following courses have been passed:

A: Bank line:

  • Either Data, Market and Sales or Statistics,
  • Either Corporate Investment and Financing or Managerial Economics
  • The line Financial Business or Annual report and Corporate Analysis

B: The Accounting line:

  • Corporate Investment and Financing,
  • Accounting and annual report/Tax and VAT
  • The line in Analysing of Accounting Data

Application forms

Business Experience

Apart from a qualifying examination you must also have a minimum of two years relevant business experience, either two years full time or four years part time. Your work experience must have taken place before or alongside your studies. It must be documented either by a statement from your current employer (see application form) or in the shape of a recommendation from your previous employers, annual settlements, pay slips or similar.

Table – business experience


If you do not meet the admission requirements, you may apply for exemption from the admission requirements.

The application should contain information about:

  • what you want exemtption from,
  • your educational profile (enclose documentation), and
  • your work experience.

Application for exemption from admission requirements

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