Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Part 2, Innovation Management

Things change at a rapid pace in the world of business, and there is a risk that the basis for profit performance today will be gone tomorrow. In the future, companies will have to be more aware of both operations and development, as they will need to be prepared to adapt to the constant changes setting the stage for their performance across many different disciplines. GDBA Part 2 Innovation Management therefore focuses on the development and creation of tomorrow’s market.


In the future, there will be a need for employees who can quickly and efficiently translate market developments into solutions that can deliver results and create value on tomorrow’s bottom line. There will be a need for employees who dare to actively seek out and test what works, so it can be swiftly changed and modified in order to ensure the progress and realisation of sustainable innovation. GDBA Part 2 Innovation Management is based on the latest theories, methods and tools within the field of innovation, business development, design thinking and management, including management of projects and network processes.


By means of various disciplines, GDBA Part 2 Innovation Management focuses on developing employees who are keen to lead and facilitate, as well as on practice-oriented theory and methodology within the field of innovation. These are employees who are able to identify, assess and accomplish because they are keen on realising, implementing and managing innovation projects in order to achieve a positive bottom line.

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