Tuition Fee

Along with other part time programmes, Business Administration requires tuition as it falls under the Open University law. The government grants a subsidy for each student, the rest of the fee is charged from the students.

The tuition fee partly consists of a semester charge, and partly of a participant charge which covers each course. There is no VAT added to the tuition fee.

The overall tuition fee for Business Administration Part 2 in Financial Counselling is DKK 63,000.


Tuition covers teaching and two examination attempts pr school year. Unused examination attempts are non-transferable.

Book Expences:

The expenses vary from course to course, but the estimated price for the three semesters are: 1th semester: DKK 3,000, 2th semester: DKK 1,000 and 3th semester: DKK 1,000.


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