Practical information

Application and deadlines

The application deadline for admission the 2013/14 semesters is August 1st 2013. In connection with your application to Business Administration Part 1, you have several choices:

  • Do you wish to follow all courses or select single subject courses.
  • In which town do you wish to attend classes

Remember to mail a copy of your diploma and documentation for business experience.

Application forms

On the basis of received applications, the University of Southern Denmark will decide by the beginning of August which courses to establish for 2013/14. If we receive your application after August 1st 2010, your choices will be limited to these courses.

Application form

Business experience

Besides a qualifying examination you must have a minimum of two years relevant business experience. Either two years full time or four years part time. Your experience must be acquired after or simultaneously with your education. Your business experience must be documented by a statement from your current or previous employers (see application form), annual settlement, pay slips or similar.  

Application – business experience

Exemption from the admission requirements

If you have a different educational background, you may apply for exemption from the admission requirements to Business Administration Part 1. The assessment will focus on whether your qualifications meet the admission requirements thus enabling you to complete the programme

Application - exemptions

Exemption from courses at the Business Administration Part 2 programme in Financial Counselling

You can apply for exemption from courses (qualification) if you have already passed exams in a course on a equivalent level. Remember to always mail documentation (curriculum or diploma) for the courses from which you want exemption.

Application - exemption

Mailing applications

The application is to be sent to: or:

The University of Southern Denmark
HD-FR  secretariat
Sdr. Stationsvej 28
4200 Slagelse 


At the University of Southern Denmark, Business Administration is conducted as ”blended learning” - a teaching concept which is based on the most advanced knowledge about effective learning and includes a number of teaching methods.

”Blended learning” means that you spend less time in the class room and more time on our e-learning platform (Black Board). On the E-learning-platform you can find films that explain key concepts, methods and theories. You can find supplementary material, past papers etc. Black Board also functions as a communication platform where your professors can guide you between lectures and you can participate in discussions with your fellow students.

Lectures are coordinated via a plan, and each lecture is described in a "lecture list". The lecture list informs you of the targets of the individual courses, ie: the curriculum, slides, articles, video clips and a course description. For the course in Business Economics, the lecture list includes a number of calculations which allows the student to see the application of theories on actual problems.

Thus, “Blended Learning” is not merely an efficient way to study, but also a means of great flexibility which means that it is easier to fit your studies into your life.

Distance learning is conducted between lectures. Students are expected to show an effort during the periods of time when there are no lectures. Lectures are offered in Kolding and Slagelse/Næstved. In Kolding the lectures are on Fridays from 09.00 to 17.00. Some Saturday seminars may occur.

Lectures in Slagelse/Næstved take place on Tuesdays from 9.00 – 17.00.

The classes in each town depend on the number of applicants.

IT demands

Since the programme is largely dependent on virtual teaching, the following is required to follow the programme:

  • Access to the Internet without proxy server or fire wall
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Windows 2000 Pro/Windows XP, Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0, Microsoft Office Pro 97
  • 1Ghz processor, 256 MB Ram
  • ISDN modem


The University reserves the right to reject qualified applicants due to capacity related reasons (Ie; lack of staff) and to not establish classes if the number of applicants is insufficient. Also price changes may occur and we reserve the right for typos.

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