Hans Christian Post

Department of Cultural Studies

Research interests:
Cultural and urban memory / The intertwining of city planning, building preservation, memory, and history politics in German cities such as Berlin and Dresden / The Cambodian Genocide / History politics and cultural memory in relation to the Cambodian genocide.
Selected publications and productions:
Whose city? Documentary film on urban planing in post-reunification Berlin, so far screened at several film festivals such as ArchFIlmLund (Sweden), AFFR (the Netherlands), AFFL (Portugal), EPOS (Israel), 53:25 min., 2017.
Post, Hans Christian: ’Monstrosity by Monstrous Means’, in: Munteán, László & Post, Hans Christian (red.): Landscapes of Monstrosity. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2016, p. 13-21.

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