Vincent Keating

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science and Public Management

Phone: +4565503340

Research interests:
Human rights / Legitimacy in International Society / Security Communities / Trust in International Society / US Foreign Policy

Selected publications: 

Emerging Threats 

Keating, Vincent Charles and Katarzyna Kaczmarska (2017) “Conservative Soft Power: Liberal soft power bias and the ‘hidden’ attraction of RussiaJournal of International Relations and Development DOI: 10.1057/s41268-017-0100-6

Alliances, Diplomacy & Security Cooperation
Ruzicka, Jan and Vincent Charles Keating (2015) “Going global: Trust research and international relationsJournal of Trust Research 5(1), 8-26.
Keating, Vincent Charles and Jan Ruzicka (2014) “Trusting Relationships in International Politics: No Need to HedgeReview of International Studies 40(4), 753-770.

Human Rights violations
Keating, Vincent Charles (2016) “The anti-torture norm and cooperation in the CIA black site programmeThe International Journal of Human Rights 20(7), 935-955
Keating, Vincent Charles (2014) “Contesting the International Illegitimacy of Torture: The Bush Administration's Failure to Legitimate its Preferences within International SocietyBritish Journal of Politics and International Relations 16(1), 1-27.
Keating, Vincent Charles (2014) US Human Rights Conduct and International Legitimacy: The Constrained Hegemony of George W. Bush New York: Palgrave Macmillan.



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