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Trine Flockhart

Department of Political Science and Public Management

Phone: 65509261

Research Interests


Trine Flockhart is Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern Denmark and Associated Chair in D-IAS at SDU. She was until May 2018 Professor of International Relations and Director of Research in the School of Politics and International Relations at University of Kent. Trine’s research focuses on international order and the crisis in the liberal international order, transformational change, European Security especially NATO and transatlantic relations, constructivism, norms and social identity theory. She has more than 100 publications with her main academic articles having appeared in journals such as Review of International Studies, Contemporary Security Policy, Journal of Common Market Studies, European Journal of International Relations, International Relations and many others. Her article ‘The Coming Multi-Order World’ published in Contemporary Security Policy (2016) was awarded the Bernard Brodie Prize and is in the top-five of the journals most read articles.


Trine is currently working (with Elena Korosteleva, University of Kent) on a project on resilience and multi-order governance and the connection between the local and the global. She is the editor of the Palgrave Series Governance, Security and Development and is always looking for good manuscripts for the series.


Selected Publications:

International Order and the Crisis in the Liberal Order

‘The Coming Multi-Order Word’ Contemporary Security Policy, vol. 37(1), 2016, 3-30.

Liberal Order in a Post-Western World (co-authored with C. Kupchan, C. Lin, B. Nowak, P. Quirk and L. Xing, Transatlantic Academy, Washington DC, April 2014

Liberal World Orders (ed. with Tim Dunne), Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013.


Transformational change

‘The Problem of Change in Constructivist Theory - Ontological Security Seeking and Agent Motivation’ Review of International Studies, vol. 42(5), 2016, 799-820.

Europeanization or EU-ization? The Transfer of European Norms across Time and Space’, Journal of Common Market Studies, 48(4), 2010, pp.787-810.


European Security, NATO and Transatlantic Relations

‘NATO’s Nuclear Addiction – Twelve Steps to Kick the Habit’ European Security, 2013.

‘From a Practice of “talking” to a Practice of “doing”: NATO and Sources of Change’, International Politics, 49(1), pp. 78-97, 2012.