Kathrin Maurer

Associate Professor
Department for the Study of Culture

Phone: +4565503335
Email: kamau@sdu.dk

Research interests: 
Images of warfare in literature, culture and public media / The visual frame of military drone missions / Theories of violence and ethics / Representation of war and history in nineteenth-century Germany / War museums

Selected publications: 
Scholarly Articles (peer-reviewed):
“Introduction: Debating Drones: Media, Politics, and Aesthetics,” Politik (2017): 4-11. Theme issue on drones, edited by Kathrin Maurer and Andreas Immanuel Graae.
“Affective Battlefields: Royal Gender Hybridity in Nineteenth-Century Illustrated History Books,”Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies (accepted and forthcoming in 2017)
“In Contact: A War Ballet: Dancing Danish Foreign Political Activism,” Økonomi og Politik (accepted and forthcoming 2017)
“Visual Power: The Scopic Regime of Military Drones,” War, Media, Conflict (2016): 1-12.

Book Chapters (peer reviewed):

“Der Spielbegriff im neuen historischen Erzählen des 21. Jahrhunderts,“ Romanhaftes Erzählen von

Geschichte: Vergegenwärtigte Vergangenheiten im beginnenden 21. Jahrhundert. (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter) (accepted and forthcoming in 2017)

“The Paradox of Total Immersion: Watching War in nineteenth-century Panoramas,” Visualizing War:    Emotions, Technologies, and Communities, eds. Anders Engberg-Pedersen and Kathrin Maurer (New York: Routledge, 2017)

“Introduction,” Visualizing War: Emotions, Technologies, and Communities, co-authored with Anders Engberg-Pedersen (New York: Routledge, 2017) (accepted and forthcoming in 2017)

“Det farlige øjeblik: Ernst Jüngers fotobøger og hans teori om fotografiet,” Antologi om Ernst Jünger, ed. Adam Paulsen (Århus: Århus Universitet, 2016), 155-176. 



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