News OLFI seeks hourly paid freelance journalist with an interest in defense

*OLFI seeks hourly paid freelance journalist with an interest in defense


OLFI strengthens journalistic production and seeks a flexible, hourly paid freelancer with an interest in defense and security policy. You will both tell your own stories and update readers with today's most important news.

Are you interested in defense and security policy? Do you have a journalistic background and would you like to write about this important topic? So could you be on board OLFI?

OLFs voted in the Danish media port in February 2016, and since then the media has developed into a strong voice in Danish defense and security policy with news, background articles, analyzes and debate. OLFI takes the role of journalism in a democratic society seriously and is not afraid to put unusual questions to the magistrates and demanding answers. At the same time, integrity and credibility are at the forefront, and with that approach, OLFI has continually managed to set the agenda in defense policy.

In spring 2018, OLFI will introduce a subscription model, and the number of paying subscribers will grow steadily. Against that background, OLFI wants to strengthen journalistic production with more content, more newsletters and a growing number of self-produced stories. This is where you come into the picture.

You must be effective on the keys

Initially, there is talk of hourly help to update OLFI with today's most important stories, broadcast of newsletters and production of own smaller stories. Initially, there will be relief over the summer in selected weeks in the order of 5-10 hours on a weekly basis, optimally distributed by a couple of hours in the morning / morning. But you can also do the work at other times. If things are positive, you might want to. could get more responsibility and more hours on the other side of the summer vacation.

It is a requirement that you work efficiently on the keys and be able to write shorter online stories, which you both seek and partly refer from other media - OLFI's idea bank is rich and you will get a lot of help from the editor to get started with own stories. You must master the Danish language flawlessly and have a command of Danish commas. In addition, you should be able to work independently and would like a visual understanding. It's no requirement, but definitely a plus if you know WordPress, MailChimp and can edit photos in Photoshop. If not, you will be able to get a brief basic training. Likewise, it's no requirement, but definitely an advantage if you know the Defense from within.

You must have an understanding of OLFI's economical economy and could accept working on a freelance basis without the security involved in a permanent employment. If you are tempted and interested, you can send a motivated application to info (a) Here you may want to attach a resume and a few examples of articles that you have written.

You are also welcome to call 31 36 20 60 if you have any further questions. 


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