The changing character of war: New Just War or just new wars?

When: Monday, January 27, 2020 - Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Where: Université Paris 2 Panthéon Assas

Graduate Conference of the European War Studies Network.

The new security environment has brought defence and war-related issues back on the policy agenda in Europe. To some degree, the pluridisciplinary study of war also re-emerges on the academic agenda, as illustrated by the development of several centres or projects examining war in European universities. While the United Kingdom has a clear head start in that field, with a long tradition of “War Studies”, this development is more recent for mainland European universities and scholars and practitioners alike have come to the realization that War Studies largely suffer from a lack of communication between the disciplines and between the countries. Nevertheless, several very active research centres can be identified in European countries. This academic interest must be welcome, as it promises exciting new research in the pluridisciplinary study of war and its relationship to peace.

To support these developments, the War Studies Network - which was created at the initiative of the Center for War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark and inaugurated in October 2018 in Odense, Denmark - proposes to facilitate exchanges between research centres in order to cooperate on research, teaching and publications, thus contributing to put War Studies at the forefront of research agendas in the humanities and the social sciences, and meaningfully contribute to war-related policy debates at the European level. The network now gathers 20 pluridisciplinary centres dedicated to War Studies in the UK and mainland Europe.
Consubstantial to the wish to promote international and interdisciplinary research in defense and security is the desire to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of researchers working on defense and war issues. The War Studies Network aims at making them gather, discuss and confront their ideas, at least once a year, during a special Graduate conference designed for them. Dedicated to PhD students, this two-day conference aims at reinforcing the European dialogue on War Studies.


The topic of the first War studies Network's Conference is
The changing character of war: new Just War or just new wars? Assessing the strategic, legal and ethical consequences of the changing character of war.


Submit your abstract no later than Nov. 12, 2019 to Marie Robin

 Find the call for proposals here.