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NATO at 70

CWS says Timecapsule Your Alliance!

This year the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty. To commemorate these seven decades of transatlantic cooperation the Center for War Studies launches a Timecapsule Your Alliance competition, inviting the students from SDU and other Danish universities to reflect upon the history, role, and purpose of NATO.


How? Prepare, individually or in a team, a time capsule that answers the question “What does NATO mean to you?” by providing illustrations from Alliance’s history (Cold War or more recent) or its current challenges.


What is a time capsule? As a collection of representative materials or information, it is a great way to communicate contemporary perceptions and interpretations of events to future generations: what would you like the next generation to know about NATO?


What should your time capsule look like? Be creative! Your time capsule could take the form of a short documentary, an interactive video with graphics, or a movie. Videos should be in English and last no longer than 5 minutes. Time capsules can also be produced in other than digital form, for instance a poster or a container, but these would also have to be accompanied by a short video capturing the creation of the time capsule and explaining its content.



The competition will be concluded by an award-winning ceremony for the best NATO time capsule at the SDU at the end of this spring semester. The Center for War Studies Committee will choose the best student project based on the originality of the content, quality of the format (visual and oral), limited factual errors, and overall presentation. The authors of the best projects will visit the new NATO Headquarters in Brussels in Fall 2019. They will also have an opportunity to present their work at the high-level conference organized by CWS in Copenhagen in September (more details will follow).


In case you have further questions about the competition, contact us on


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*This project is sponsored by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division and is part of the NATO@70 initiative



Deadlines and links

Important dates:
Deadline for registration: 15 APRIL 2019
Deadline for submitting your time capsule to 27 May 2019
Award-winning ceremony: Friday 14 June 2019
Trip of the winning students to Belgium: Fall 2019 

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