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The Center for War Studies was established in 2012 as a high profile and high-quality research pole dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of war.

War is the most dramatic event in human affairs, and its prevention, conduct and consequences define and shape human societies. The enormous importance of studying and understanding war therefore stems from its destructive and transformative nature. 

As an academic field of research, war studies is focused on the changing character of war and its relation to peace. It is essentially problem-driven and multidisciplinary, borrowing from various disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities in order to better understand the dynamics of war and peace, without losing sight of the societal relevance of research.

At CWS, our vision is to shape and contribute to the major debates on the past, present and future of war, and its impact on societies. We bring together academics from political science, law, history and culture in order to illuminate the multiple dimensions of war and peace, thus creating one of Europe’s largest and most diverse research environment dedicated to this issue. We proudly go outside of the ivory tower and bring our research on war to the heart of societal debates, through engagement with military institutions, political authorities and the public. Our research also informs our educational programs, notably the Master of International Security and Law (MOISL). Hence, though research excellence and societal relevance, we advance the understanding of the fundamental issue of war and peace.