Writing your papers and thesis

Reading and making notes
Godfrey Jeanne
2nd ed. Palgrave Macmillan 2014
On study methods and how to read efficiently

Conducting Research Literature Reviews
Frank Arlene
4th ed.  SAGE 2014
On how to synthesize research literature

How to write a Master's thesis
Bui Yvonne N.
2nd ed. SAGE 2014
Covers the basic steps: selecting a topic, researching it, and shaping the thesis. The examples are from social studies.

Planning your dissertation
Williams Kate
Palgrave Macmillan 2013
On how to structure and write your paper

The good paper
Rienecker Lotte, Peter Stray Jørgensen, et al.
Samfundslitteratur 2013
On getting started, phrasing your topic, when to ask your superviser, academic writing , and many other topics

Method and project writing: an introduction
Harboe Thomas
2nd ed. Samfundslitteratur 2013
Describes and explains concepts and methods for researching and writing reports and papers

Editing made easy: Simple rules for effective writing
Bruce Kaplan
Upper Access Book Publishers 2012
On how to write well, both for printed and electronic media

Doing research
Thomas Gary
Palgrave Macmillan 2011
On how to find data and write it up

The Longman handbook for writers and readers 
Anson Christopher M.
Longman 2010
On English language, report writing

How to write your undergraduate dissertation 
Greetham Bryan 
Palgrave Macmillan 2009
Thesis writing, academic writing, study skills

Theses and dissertations
Thomas R. Murray
Corwin Press 2008
On editing your thesis, report writing, academic writing, study skills

The craft of research
Booth Wayne, Colomb Gregory G., Williams Joseph M.
3rd ed. University of Chicago Press 2008
On how to begin researching your topic and how to present your ideas and conclusions clearly

Writing at university 
Creme Phyllis
Open University Press 2008
E-book on essays, dissertations, academic writing 

Writing up your university assignments and research projects
Murray Neil
Open University Press 2008
E-book on dissertations and working on projects

Theses and dissertations: guide to planning, research, and writing
Thomas R. Murray
Corwin Press 2008
Dissertations, report writing, study skills

Introduction to academic writing
Oshima Alice
Pearson/Longman 2007
On English written language, academic language and writing


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