• Stop plagiarism
    Do you know how to use quotations correctly and provide sufficient documentacion in your assignments?
  • Net.TUTOR
     - Part of a tutor portal with basic tools for searching the Internet. Easy to learn how to use. It takes about 15-30 minutes to get through each of the sections. (Ohio State University)
  • SCRIBO - interactive question guide - The guide leads you systematically through the process of initial idea to research question.
    The first time you use Scribo, you have to sign in so that you can regularly work with your research question and save your work.
  • Studiemetro
    The Studiemetro presents you with information on Standards for Academic Papers, Writing an Academic Paper, Studying Information and Literacy.
    EndNotes reference managenment tool
  • Better Thesis
    Better Thesis is a free online resource that gives you a general overview of what a thesis should consist of and how to write it.
  • B!NKO 2.0
    B!NKO 2.0 is a web-based tool for learning about search processes, with both self-evaluation and peer-evaluation included. B!NKO 2.0 gives you a systematic approach to information search and helps you practice your information literacy skills.


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