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Library strategy

Strategical frame

The library's strategy is user-centric and the library's services fall within the following five types:

I. Individual user services
II. User education
III. Special user services
IV. Services related to user spaces (physical) V. User interaction and involvement in services

Firstly, the library's primary user groups are (in no particular order):

A. The general public including schools and colleges
B. Ph.D. Students
C. Masters and Bachelor students
D. Scholars and university lecturers

Secondly, the library also services the following user groups (in no particular order):
E. Governmental institutions and private enterprises
F. University administration and management
G. National and international public and research libraries

Finally, the library aims at supporting its users within the following four themes, set by the general strategical framework of The University of Southern Denmark:

1. Education
2. Internationalization
3. Research
4. Society

Strategical focus programmes 2014-2020

During the coming years 2014-2020, the library will focus on unfolding its strategy within the following four focal programmes:

- Research Integrity Program (RI): Research integrity in education and scholarly communication (e.g. II, III, B, D, 3)

- Modern Library Program (ML): True 24/7 access for students and scholars (e.g. I, IV, B, C, D, 1, 3)

- Student Involvement Program (SI): Involving students in library services (e.g. I-V, A, C, 1, 4)

- Southern Denmark Program (SD): Bridging the regional and the international by providing new opportunities for students, scholars and young researchers (e.g. V, A-G, 2-4)

The library will achieve this by consolidating its existing services I-V, as well as by developing new services through strategically directed projects and collaboration with all user groups A-G.

The highest priority is given to developments and projects falling within the above four programmes.

Coordinator roles will be assigned each of the four programmes.

Both projects and day to day business follow the six principles below.

Strategical and management principles

The library is guided by the follow key principles:

1. The Principle of Library Management: to care for the wellbeing of the "crew, passengers, ship and cargo" in that order.

2. The Principle of Library Integrity: to secure the integrity of the library as an organization, the integrity of the library's services, and the personal integrity of the library's staff.

3. The Principle of User centric Services: to develop and maintain library services that directly support the day to day needs of our users - i.e. services that are derived from a focus on the life of the user - from the user's perspective.

4. The Principle of Research Support: to contribute to the advancement and integrity of science by supporting both the consumption and production of scientific knowledge.

5. The Principle of Student supervision: to support, guide and care for university students from recruit to alumni by providing a supervised bridge to academia.

6. The Principle of Access: to supply access to scholarly information in whatever material format desired by the users, be it print, digital or other. To supply whatever scholarly information content desired by the users.

It is the responsibility of the management and the library staff to adhere to the above principles in all library matters.