About the Collections

The campus library in Odense was established in 1965 in connection with the start up of Odense University and it became a part of the University of Southern Denmark itself in 1999.

Right from the beginning the library attached importance to the building up of collections and this is why it has constantly purchased many books and journals including many older works via, for example, special collections such as the collections of Herlufholm and Fyens Stiftsbibliotek.

Campus library Odense has more than 1,4 mil. volumes, subscribes to a large number of printed journals and gives access to more than 18.000 electronic journals, electronic books and a great number of research databases.

Subject wise the collection mainly covers the subjects researched and taught in at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Almost half of the library's books are stored on open shelves and they can be immediately borrowed at the lending desk.
The books are organised according to the Swedish system (SAB) with the following main categories:

A. Bibliography and library science
B. General works
D. Philosophy
E. Education
F. Philology and linguistics
G. History of literature
H. Literature
I.  Art, music, theatre and film
J. Archaeology
K. History
L. Biography, genealogy and prosopography
M. Ethnography
N. Geography
O. Social sciences
P. Technology and communication
Q. Economics
R. Sports
S. Military history
T. Mathematics
U. Science
V. Medicine

A large number of the library's journals are also stored on open shelves. They are arranged in alphabetical order at three different places in the library, in the humanities, the social sciences and the science/medicine sections respectively. Most of the journals are available for normal loan.
Books and journals registered as placed in Magasin have to be requested via the library's catalogue.

You can get instruction and help in how to use the different sections at the desk in the Information Room.

The Technical Library (located at the heart of the Faculty of Engineering at Niels Bohrs Alle), the Mathematical Library (on Campus at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Music Department (at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music Odense (Det Fynske Musikkonservatorium)) are also located in Odense.