Malling's collection

The majority of the books in this collection are hymn books. These are mainly Danish, from Thomissøn's hymn book from the 17th century to newer Danish hymn books. The collection also contains prayer books, catechisms and literature about the history of hymns and the clergy. There are about 1.400 volumes.

Malling's collection is registered in the library's catalogue. The collection is housed at Visecenter Fyn at the University of Southern Denmark and books can be borrowed according to SDUB's normal borrowing rules.

Background of the collection
The collection has been built by Anders Malling (1896-1981), who was a researcher of the history of clergy and hymns. He was also a member of the Hymn Book Commission, which had been set up for the publication of Den danske Salmebog. Malling was also the author of Dansk Salmehistorie 1-8 (1962-78).

Further information
About Anders Malling. See: Dansk Biografisk Leksikon.