About the Collections

The University Library of Southern Denmark is the result of a merger between the research libraries of the four institutions, Odense University,  the Southern Denmark School of Business, the Southern Denmark School of Engineering and the South Jutland University Centre. The merger was effective from the first of January 1999.

The four campus libraries have different backgrounds and among other things have worked with different kinds of registration and shelving systems. It has, therefore, to a certain degree been necessary for them to continue building their collections on  the same historically determined lines.

This means that there are still some geographical differences in the way that  the collections are administrated. See user information for individual campus libraries.

The University Library of Southern Denmark gives access to books, journals, newspapers, maps, notes, microfilm and a wide range of electronic information resources. The library has about 1,6 million volumes in all, subscribes to 3.100 paper periodicals and gives access to about 50.000 electronic journals plus an extensive number of electronic research databases.

The collections chiefly cover the subject areas that are researched and taught in at the University of Southern Denmark, but almost all subject areas are represented in the library's collections.

The library's stock of books and journals is registered in the library's online public access catalogue ODIN but a large number of works obtained before 1987 in the special collections  are not yet registered in ODIN and should, therefore, be searched for in the card catalogues or paper catalogues.

Access to available electronic research resources can usually be found under databases, electronic journals and subject net libraries.

The library has open shelves, on which almost half of the stock of books are located so that it possible to browse in the collections and loan the required books. The rest of the books are stored in closed stacks and have to be requested for loan or for use in the Reading Room (see library rules) via the online public access catalogue