Erik Dal's collection

The subject of the collection is the literature of ballads, its texts and studies but also related subjects such as linguistics, ethnography and folk dance are represented. Most of it is concerned with Denmark but the rest of Scandinavia is also richly represented among the circa 500 volumes .

A lot of music and gramophone records belong to the collection.
The collection is registered in the library's catalogue.

A complete record of the collection has been prepared: Katalog over Erik Dals samling af folkeviselitteratur i Odense Universitetsbibliotek. 1976. Opstillet på Bibliografisalen i Odense under signaturen: Ab-daz Odense. (Catalogue of Erik Dal's collection of ballad literature at Odense University Library. 1976. Location: The bibliography room in Odense. Shelfmark: Ab-daz Odense).

The collection itself is stored at Visecenter Fyn at the University of Southern Denmark and the books are lent out according to SDUB's normal borrowing rules.

History of the collection:
Dr. Phil. Erik Dal (f. 1922) worked for many years with ballad research but in 1976 he decided to throw himself into the research of new subjects and, therefore, sold the whole of his ballad collection to the former Odense University Library.

Further information:
In 1976 Erik Dal published: Samlet og spredt om folkeviser, in which he says farewell to the collection and ballad research.

For more about Erik Dal see: Dansk Biografisk Leksikon.