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Ernst Lewy's collection / Dublin collection


Ernst Lewy's collection is mainly linguistic, with a touch of literary and folkloristic works. It includes some general linguistics but the largest and most important part consists of language descriptions of many non-Indo-European languages. There are also books on the early Irish language and its history of literature.
In addition a small collection of German literature.
The majority of the books in the collection are from ca. 1800-1950.
The collection consists of about 4300 books and 2300 offprints, etc.


Some of the collection is registered in the library's catalogue.

Background of the collection:

In 1967, the collection was sold by Dr. G. Moore-Lewy, Ernst Lewy's son, to the newly founded Odense University Library.
Ernst Lewy had been Professor of linguistics in Berlin, but emigrated to Great Britain in 1933 and became a Professor in Dublin in 1947, where he lived until his death in 1966. He was a member of The Royal Irish Academy.

Further information:

About Ernst Lewy see: Meyers Enzyklopädisches Lexikon, vol. 15.
Some of Ernst Lewy's own works are included in the collection and can be found in the catalogue, among others his most important book "Der Bau der europäischen Sprachen".
There is a machine-typed list of a selection of the books in the library's archives, with emphasis on descriptions of non-European languages.

Last Updated 26.02.2018