Aksel Larsen's collection

Contents The collection consists of about 1.000 books and more than 1.000 pamphlets from Aksel Larsen's private collection.

A lot of the works bear Aksel Larsen's own notes. The contents of the collection deal mainly with newer political history, especially socialist and communist movements.

Among the books are many publications from the East German publisher Dietz Verlag, Berlin from between 1950-57.
Availability The collection is registered in the card catalogue: A-kartoteket.

Three catalogues have been compiled:
  • Alphabetical register to Aksel Larsen's bogsamling (book collection). 1973. Ab-daz Odense
  • Alphabetical register to Aksel Larsen's pjecesamling (pamphlet collection). 1975. Ab-daz Odense
  • Chronological register to Aksel Larsen's pjecesamling (pamphlet collection). 1975. Ab-daz Odense

All three are located in the Bibliography room in Odense.

The collection is kept in closed stacks. Pamphlets can only be used in the Reading Room, and books with Aksel Larsen's own notes are also only for use in the Reading Room. The remainder of the collection is available for loan according to SDUB's normal library rules. 

History Aksel Larsen's collection came to Odense Universitetsbibliotek i 1972 from Aksel Larsen's widow.

It is, however, not the complete collection, as his family wished to keep a part of it.

The collection includes a very wide range of literature on politics and works by Marxist and revolutionary authors. 

A part of Karl V. Jensen's collection is also included in the collection. He was a prominent member of the Communist Party and Managing Director for the Danish branch of General Motors at the same time.


About Aksel Larsen see: Dansk Biografisk Leksikon and Kurt Jacobsen:  Aksel  Larsen:en politisk biografi. 1993