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Current reviews:  H-Scand reviews

Sociological Abstracts  (1974-) (Access from SDU's Net or via remote access) - sociological /social sciences database 

International bibliography of historical sciences (IHBS)(1926-1992) Magasin. Kælder Aak at Campus, Odense.

Index to book reviews in historical periodicals (1972-79) Informationssal Aak at Campus, Odense.

America History and Life (1964-) - Reviews are cited under the individual works.

Writings on American history
(1902-90 (-1946))
(Reviews only included until 1946)
Shelfmark: Magasin. Kælder  Aakqa at Campus, Odense.

Writings on British history (1902-77)
Shelfmark: Magasin. Kælder  Aake at Campus, Odense. 

American Historical Review  (1895-)

English Historical Review  (1886-) 


Classical studies 

Dyabola (1956-) - includes reviews until 1994. Retrieve the book title and select R for "Rezensionen". Tick the box for "activate IP access". Click on "Start". Select a base by clicking on one of the flags.

L´Année Philologique

Middle Ages

The Medieval Review (Bryn Mawr Medieval Review) (1990-) - electronic review journal.

Danish journals  

Dansk historisk bibliografi
Danish non-fiction history literature, searchable from 1990 ff. Also contains scannings of earlier printed history bibliographies. Please note that the bibliography does not cover the years 1948-66 and 1977-89. These can be found in book form at the Campus in Esbjerg, Kolding and Odense.

Fortid og Nutid (1914-83) -There are indexes to volume 1-17 and 18-30 Hum-Samf tidsskrifter at Campus, Odense.

Jyske Samlinger/ Historie (1950-) ( New title: Historie) Index to volumes 1950-74 and with the title Historie an index from 1975-85 Hum-Samf tidsskrifter at Campus, Odense.

Nyt fra historien (1950-) (published in connection with the journal Historie and consisting mostly of reviews). The indexes are included in alternate volumes. Hum-Samf tidsskrifter at Campus, Odense.

Historisk tidsskrift (1840-1997)
There are two indexes with large review sections: 1839-1938 and 1939-1990. These are shelved among the individual volumes under 1938 and 1990 respectively Hum-Samf tidsskrifter. Indexes 1839-1938 also found in the Information Room: Aakda HIS

1066 (1971-)( Shelved after Å in the alphabetical shelving order in Hum-samf tidsskrifter) Reviews from the last few years are registered online

Scandinavian journals

Historisk tidskrift  Stockholm (1881-),  Electronic access 2002-  Hum-Samf tidsskrifter at Campus, Odense. 

Historisk tidsskrift Oslo (1871- ),  Electronic access 2002 - Hum-Samf tidsskrifter at Campus, Odense.

Other journals

Canadian Historical Review (1969-) Location: Magasin.

Catholic historical review (1969-) Location: Hum-samf tidsskrifter at Campus, Odense.

Historische Zeitschrift (1877-) Location: From 1975 in Hum-Samf tidsskrifter at Campus, Odense otherwise in magasin. - Zeitschriftenfreihandmagazin - searchable contents table from German history journals.  

Historisch-politische Buch. (1971-) Location: Magasin.

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