Radio and TV programmes

You can stream radio and TV programmes which have been broadcast on Danish channels from 2005 until about 14 days ago.
You can access programmes from DR1, DR2, TV2, TV2 News, P1, P3, and P4.
In Mediestream you can also find advertising films from 1954 to 2005.

Materials older than December 2005 can be borrowed on DVD from The Royal Danish Library in Aarhus. This is only for researchers or students at higher education institutions.
You will need to register as a borrower at The Royal Danish Library in Aarhus. gives you access to Danish radio programmes from Danmarks Radio.
The earliest programmes in LARM are from the 1930s.
Students and researchers can use LARM for study and research purposes. You have to register as a user in order to access the base.

Kontakt DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
(Danish Broadcasting Corporation) (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)

Information on earlier and planned programmes; on the content of individual programmes and planned repeat broadcasts; on who appeared in programmes; and on the contents of more recent news  items in TV-avisen (until they are included in Statens Mediesamling). You can also get information on many older programmes. It may take up to 14 days to get an answer. For more recent information: visit DR.

TV2’s TV listings and guide lists programmes for all channels. 

TV2 sell copies of their news, sports and topical programmes from their archive: arkivsalg

You can watch documentaries at Filmstriben
You will need to use the login for your local public library.

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