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Responsible Conduct of Research

In the courses the PhD students are introduced to various basic terms, principles, and norms in the area of Good scientific practice. The course covers scientific, ethical, and legal aspects of the research process, including: planning research, data management, the basic elements of handling information, and the central elements of scientific publishing and authorship. By doing this, the course aims to enhance the students' awareness of methodological and ethical issues and requirements for their research, as well as their understanding of broader questions of research integrity. Through reflection, consideration and discussion of academic integrity and of good scientific practice, the students' conduct of their research is to be strengthened according to current rules, principles, and guidelines, as well as the current practice at the University of Southern Denmark.

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The courses are held in English under the title "Responsible Conduct of Research" at the PhD schools of the faculties of Humanities, the Health Sciences, and Science. Registration and contact is conveyed through the PhD schools - see links in the menu to the right.

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Last Updated 14.09.2020