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Subject specialists

The University Library has, like all other research libraries, subject specialists who are responsible for the library's stock of books and journals within their particular subject areas.

The subject specialists are happy to accept book suggestions for the purchase of new books or the acquisition of new journals; in the case of journals preferably with a reason for your recommendation.



Title/name and e-mail


Arabic language

Head of section, MA. MLS and Ph.D., Charlotte Wien,

6550 2159

English / Linguistics / Classical philology/ Comparative literature

Cand.mag. Mette Bruus, PhD.,

6550 2657

Business language

Librarian Jette Møller,

6550 1435

History / Classical archeology

Cand.mag. Mogens Kragsig Jensen,

6550 2685


Cand.mag. Anne Helle Jespersen,

6611 9954

Scandinavian / German / Comparative literature

Cand.mag. Kamilla Jensen Husen,

6550 2610

Educational development Kirstin Remvig,

6550 9255

Romance languages

Dr.phil. Jørn Schøsler,

6550 2656

Media science / Journalism

Cand. comm. Lotte Thing Rasmussen,

6550 2625

Philosophy / Religion

Cand. mag. Birgit Knudsen,

6550 2686

Science and engineering:

Biology / Biotechnology / Environmental biology / Computer science

Cand.scient. Anita Thiesen,

6550 2653


Cand.scient. Katrine Astrup Jacobsen,

6550 7331

Physics / Chemistry

Lic.scient. Ole Ellegaard,

6550 2652

Health sciences and sport:


Medicine: Ph.d., MSc. Mette Brandt Eriksen,

Technical aids: Cand.scient. Anita Thiesen,

Language: Cand.mag. Mette Bruus, PhD.,

6550 8355

6550 2653

6550 2657


Ph.d., MSc. Thea Marie Drachen,


Ph.d., MSc. Mette Brandt Eriksen,

6550 8355

Medical science/ clinical psychology

Doctor Johan Wallin,

6550 2654


Librarian Merete Marbjerg,

6550 2634

Social sciences:

Business economics

Librarian Gitte Bach,

6550 1431

Design and designmanagement

Librarian Lena Wiborg,

6550 1433


Information specialist Line Laursen,

6550 9206

Social sciences and economics

Ph.d. Lone Bredahl Jensen,

6550 2655

Last Updated 21.10.2021