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All institutes at SDU have their own contact librarian. This is a librarian, information specialist, or research librarian who has a special focus on the needs of the institute. The contact librarians offer services and cooperation with researchers as closely to their own work space and their own field of study as possible.
Contact librarians act as a link between the research environments and the Library. Their task is to make sure that the Library knows about the needs that are felt in the research environments, e.g. for new research services, new courses, and new materials. They also inform about the library services that already exist.

The way in which the task is carried out by the individual contact librarian depends on what the research environments need: some contact librarians spend a certain number of hours each week at the institutes where researchers can get in touch with them, others attend institute meetings, give talks to researchers, or participate in social arrangements at the institutes. It all depends on what the individual institute wishes from this service.

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