New Areas to be Developed

To be established: Innovative Forms of Publishing

Social media in general

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linkedin etc. are platforms which can help researchers draw attention to their research and thus strengthen their networks.
We see that both young researchers and senior researchers feel uncertain about the potentials of social media.
From our own experience and from numerous surveys we know that social media are increasingly used to “market” research, and that it works. But how do you market your own research on these media in a proper and serious way?

Research-specific social media

Mendeley, Kudos, Research Gate, and many other so-called social media for researchers keep trying to attract researchers from SDU. But what are the differences between them? What are they good at? Which ones should be avoided? Where do you get the greatest effect, and how do you market your research efficiently, and in an ethically and legally responsible manner?
The new forum aims to answer these and similar questions for researchers.

To be established: Open Science

The Open Science movement is an important factor in the fight against the business model of the scientific publishers. It is obvious to both politicians and to University directors and research libraries why this fight is an important one. The reasons for engaging in it are less clear to the individual researcher.
SDUB has engaged itself strongly in Open Science through a team of highly qualified employees, and has become a veritable knowledge bank over the last four years. In the Research Support Services unit, we intend to start a forum for Open Science, which will inform researchers on Open Science as well as find methods to strengthen their motivation for joining it, and also identify “best practices”.


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