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Responsible Conduct of Research for PhD students at Faculty of Science

Dates:  21 April: 09.30-12.30 & 27 April:  09.30-16.00
Place: University Library, Odense 
ECTS: 2 ECTS (0.5 ECTS per module)
Number of students: 25

Teachers:  Katrine Astrup Jacobsen (SDUB), Ole Nørregaard Jensen (NAT), Kirstin Remvig (SDUB), Evgenios Vlachos (SDUB), Daniella Deutz (SDUB)/Bertil Dorch (SDUB)

Language: English (Danish if only Danish speaking students participate)

Assessment: To earn course credits, participants are required to attend all classes and must complete the home  assignments of modules 1, 3 and 4, as well as complete the e-learning sessions in modules 2 and 3.



The course introduces PhD students from the Faculty of Science to basic concepts, principles, and norms concerning responsible conduct of research. By stimulating awareness, reflection, and discussion of academic integrity and good scientific conduct, the course supports PhD students in establishing responsible research practice, including conducting research in accordance with scholarly and societal rules, principles, and guidelines, as well as current practices at SDU.

The course addresses scholarly, ethical, and legal aspects of the research process, including research planning; data management; key elements of scholarly publishing, authoring and authorship.


Course overview

The course consists of the four modules:

  • Module 1: Academia and responsible conduct of research
  • Module 2: Laws and regulations
  • Module 3: Research data management
  • Module 4: Publication, authorship, and peer reviewing


The form of the modules varies:

  • Module 1: Introductory lectures (3 hours; home assignment before and after class)
  • Module 2: Digital learning session (approx. 2 hours)
  • Module 3: Introductory lectures (3 hours; home assignment after class)
  • Module 4: Introductory lectures (3 hours; home assignment after class)

For each module there is approximately three hours of preparation and/or follow-up.

All four modules must be completed.

The course is supported by SDU’s digital learning platform. Here, students will find readings and details on assignments. Students are enrolled in the digital course room 2 weeks before course start. Slides will generally be available after the teaching. The digital learning session in module 2 will be open after first course day.

All assignments must be uploaded one week after the last course day.

Active student participation in class is expected and will be encouraged.

Next course

Dates: 21 & 27 April 2022

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