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SDU DM Forum

The SDU DM Forum is a local implementation of the National Forum for Research Data Management. We work on and develop SDU’s services on data management, Open Science, GDPR, and other legal questions.

Our terms of reference describe the purposes of the Forum. 

The purposes of the SDU DM Forum are: 

  • To guide the implementation and consolidation of SDU’s Open Science policy
  • To ensure and support SDU’s approach to DM in the work on research data management, including research data which are covered by the policy on data protection, as well as other laws in this area.
  • To participate in activities designed to create networks and competencies, via DeIC and other channels.
  • To use the resources of DeIC in the best possible way in order to enhance the activities of SDU in the area of DM.
  • The SDU DM Forum will meet about twice a month or according to requirements. 

The SDU DM Forum was established in 2016, and consists of employees from the Library (SDUB), eScience Center, RIO, SDU Digital, the research support units and Department of Public Health.