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Open Science Policy

On the 9. March 2018 SDU adopted an Open Science Policy for the university. The policy includes three main elements: data management planning, open research data and Open Access to research papers. It is a requirement that researchers produce a data management plan for every project in order to predict and overcome any issues that may arise in the project, and to save time if any requests for data are received, or if the project collects personal data that needs special attention. It will prepare and enable the project to collect, save, describe, share and ultimately publish research data. Publishing data is a core element in the policy, but it is not a requirement, as some projects cannot under any circumstances publish the data. If possible, data should be published in order to become available for other researchers work - weather in research or teaching. Open data could also benefit society through better access to private companies. In addition, Open Science could lead to more transparent research, which is in line with the national Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

SDU's Open Science Policy

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