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How to upload your dissertation to Pure


On this page you will find a description of the standard procedure for submitting your PhD dissertation to the University Library of Southern Denmark (SDUB).

Each faculty has its own requirements to your dissertation. The rules and requirements are described in detail on the PhD schools’ homepages. You must look at the relevant page(s) in advance to see if there is any extra information you need to know about, as the requirements are not the same for all faculties.

Please note that any deviation from the standard procedures must be accepted by the Head of the relevant PhD school in writing, via the PhD school secretariat.

How to upload your dissertation to Pure

Before you upload your dissertation, you must make sure of these things:

  • That you have access to Pure. If you need help for this, you can contact us.
  • That you have read the rules and regulations in relation to the submission process on your PhD schools’ website and that you are ready to upload the required documents relating to the submission.
  • That you are certain that you hold the copyright to any material you have reused.
  • If your PhD thesis consists of a collection of papers, you must have obtained signed co-author statements.
  • That you have applied to the publisher for permission for parallel publication, if you want articles which have been submitted but not yet accepted for publication to be part of the electronically published version of your dissertation.
  • That you decide whether you should find an alternative method of attaching appendixes to the publication, if some of your appendixes are more than 100 gigabytes. If you need help for this, you can contact us.

When you submit your PhD dissertation to the University Library of Southern Denmark via Pure, it will undergo some processes before the formal submission. We will conduct an analysis for original content before the dissertation can be forwarded and formally submitted.

As a PhD student, you need to submit your dissertation to Pure via this link:

The fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory and must be filled out.

Please note that when there is a Danish or English flag in the left-hand margin, you must fill out both a Danish and an English version of the field.

Where it says  “filled out by the Library”, you should not write anything.

Please note that the system will only accept documents uploaded as PDF files.

You must confirm whether you will allow electronic publication of your entire dissertation. If your dissertation contains copyrighted articles, where parallel publishing is not permitted, you should click (“a reduced version may be published”). This makes it possible to upload another document which does not contain these articles. You must make this version ready for electronic publication. The full version of the dissertation, including all the articles in full text versions, will only be sent to the assessment committee. You can read more about the electronic publication process here.

When you have filled in the form for submission in Pure and clicked “save” where it says “submitted to the library”, you have finished submitting your dissertation to the University Library, and it will be screened for original content, kept, and sent on to the relevant PhD school for its formal submission.

Please notice that you cannot save a partly finished registration in the PhD submission module in Pure.

Basically, you can only submit your PhD dissertation once. The only exceptions are: 1) if the assessment committee decides that the dissertation should be revised, or 2) if your dissertation gets “yellow status” after the screening for original content.

When you have submitted your dissertation, it will only be accessible to the relevant persons in the University administration. You can see your submission in Pure, but you cannot change it or add anything to it. If something has gone wrong during the submission, you should contact SDUB as quickly as possible.

If you find a critical error after submitting the dissertation to Pure, SDUB can attach an addendum to your dissertation with a description of the error.

Last Updated 17.05.2021