Open Access

The University Library of Southern Denmark may provide you with the information necessary to better facilitate your OA publications and to gain valuable insights into OA databases within the established academic fields. 

Online, your research will be reached by a wide(r) range of readers. Upon contemplating an OA publication, you may apply for funding from the Open Access Fund of the University Library of Southern Denmark.

In 2012, the University of Southern Denmark adopted “The green path” of Open Access. ‘Green’ Open Access means a researcher simultaneously publishes his or her publication by means of an attached full text in an open archive or repository.

As an employee at the University of Southern Denmark you have an obligation to report your research and research activity in the archive/repository of the University of Southern Denmark – Pure. Subsequently, research articles (e.g. OA articles) are also to be published in Pure.

Upon publishing peer reviewed articles in a freely available archive/depository, you will automatically fulfill an important requirement of the Danish National Research Foundation.

Considering the abundance of Predatory Journals on the Internet, you are advised to choose your OA publications wisely. Spare with your colleagues on this issue. Use your academic network to assess the quality of an OA journal – the same way you would evaluate a printed journal. The University Library of Southern Denmark may help you with the assessment.


Useful links on Open Access (OA):

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