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Open Science

Open Science is more than Open Access to publications. It is about making all the processes in the academic life-cycle open so that the whole world may benefit from taxpayer-funded research. Open Science is also about open data, open peer review, open access, open education, citizen science, and much more. It is a movement which encourages researchers to engage in changing the way research is traditionally produced and presented. At the same time, it challenges the business model of the academic publishers and other members of the para-academic industry. Research has shown that researchers who publish mainly in Open Access have a citation advantage over those who do not.

The University Library of Southern Denmark is strongly engaged in this movement, and as one of our researcher services we offer talks about Open Science at departmental meetings and similar events.

The talks will primarily be given by one of the area coordinators of the 6 thematic forums of our Researcher Support. To learn more or to book a presentation please contact or

‘Open science is the practice of making everything in the discovery process fully and openly available, creating transparency and driving further discovery by allowing others to build on existing work. When I read such definitions, I think ‘but isn’t that just science?’ - Mick Watson (2015). Genome Biology, 16(1), p. 101

Last Updated 10.06.2020