Data Policy

Individual SDU researchers may ask the research analysis theme forum at the University Library of Southern Denmark to do a Research Footprint. 

The purpose of a Research Footprint is to give the individual researcher an idea of his/her own scientific visibility – using numbers and charts – as well as providing the means for statistics and bibliometric research. The document is created on the basis of data from prevalent databases concerning the researcher’s own publications, citations and other performance indicators. Each Research Footprint rests on the legal consent from the researcher in question. At any time, the researcher may withdraw his/her legal consent. 

A Research Footprint constitutes general personal data and is stored on an internal drive at the University Library of Southern Denmark. The library will be handling the personal data as confidential information in accordance with the general SDU data policy. After 5 years, a Research Footprint is to be deleted. The 5 year period for data storage is partly chosen for the purpose of providing the researcher with a backup copy of the Research Footprint and partly maintained for the purpose of conducting statistics and bibliometric research at the library. 

The Research Footprint data will not be circulated to a third party without informing the researcher of this venture. Regarding the general personal data policy of the University Library of Southern Denmark, see here.