Books to your door

A service offered to all of the library’s users. If you apply for library registration via the library’s electronic registration form, you have to have a Danish CPR number in order to borrow a book before you are issued with a library card and have provided some form of valid identification. 

What does the service offer

As a borrower you can pay for books and other material available for loan to be sent to you, see also the library’s normal library rules. You can see whether or not the individual items can be borrowed or only used on the premises in the library catalogue.

Even if the material cannot be borrowed out of the library, a photocopy/print can often be provided for a charge.

How does the service work

If you are not registered as a borrower at the University Library of Southern Denmark you can apply for registration via the online application for a library card form.

The library will then send a registration form and a copy of the library rules to the address on the online application form requesting registration. If you have at the same time made a request for books, 1 book will be sent to you on loan with a bill for 50 kr.  You make a request by filling in the note field in the online application form.

When the library has received your signed application form together with a copy of valid identification, a library card necessary for making requests and reservations directly in library catalogue will be sent to you.

If you have made requests for several books, these will be sent to you as “Books to your door” together with your library card.

If you are registered as a “Books to your door” borrower, then we will automatically send the material you request as “Books to your door” for a charge. You can change this automatic forwarding of material by contacting the library and altering your profile so that you can instead determine via a note each time you make a request whether or not you wish to have the requested material sent to you.

The loans are made according to the library’s normal borrowing rules.

How fast is the service

When you have applied for registration as a borrower, you will immediately be registered as a temporary borrower; you will keep this status until the library has received your signed application form with a copy of valid identification.

As a temporary borrower you can borrow 1 book or 1 item of material.

How long will this take?
If they are not already lent out, books and other material for loan are sent directly by post to the borrower at the latest the day after the request has been received. If the material is already on loan, a reservation will be made and it will be sent to you as soon as it is available.

How much does this service cost

Forwarding of books, photocopies and other material directly to a borrower is charged to the borrower and costs 50 kr. per book. The borrower is responsible for returning the material by post or by direct delivery to one of the service points of the University Library of Southern Denmark. A label with the return address will be supplied with the material.

If the loan period is exceeded, the borrower will be charged with a fee.

Further information about this service: Telephone 6550 2612 or e-mail:

Pay the fees you owe via online banking (netbank) og MobilePay:
State your library card no. and name under "Besked til modtager", and make a transfer to Registration no.: 4366, Account no.: 1146440.
MobilePay: Transfer to 93507091 and state your library card no. and name under "Kort tekst til modtageren".

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