Previous events

 21th of November 2019  Visual presentation techniques by graphic designer Erik S. Dyhr
 4th of December 2019 "Writing Process Reengineering"by writing consultant Thomas Basbøll
3rd of October 2019 Research Communication by journalist and author Lone Frank
 18th of September 2019 Open Science by visiting fellow Jon Tennant
 25th of April 2019  Career devolopment by Monika Janfelt, dr.phil., certified coach
6th of March 2019   Money for Research by SDU’s research support units 
5th of December 2018  Writing process reengineering
Guest speaker: Thomas Basbøll Writing consultant, external
 8th of November 2018  How to create an efficient workday 
Guest speaker: Trine Kolding Time expert, external
 8th of June 2018 How to produce your own video presentation about your research 
Guest speaker: Karen Løth Sass Journalist, external
 5th of April 2018  How is research funded? Where and how to apply for money for research? And where to get help? 
Guest speaker: Eirikur Benedikz TEK innovation
 2nd of November 2017 How to strengthen your career management skills as a PhD student  
Guest speaker: Monika Janfelt Certified coach, external
 5th of October 2017 Information searching including speed dating with subject specialists 
Guest speaker: Kirstin Remvig  University Library
 4th of May 2017 The Carlsberg Legacy: Research recruitment and career potential 
Guest speaker: Carl Bache PhD school Humanities