Kassem group/Stem Cell Research

The Molecular Endocrinology & Stem Cell Research Unit (KMEB)
Odense University Hospital & University of Southern Denmark

Thank you for visiting the home page of our laboratory. We are dedicated to the development of cell-based therapeutics to be used in regenerative medicine. Our laboratory aims to identify cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling stromal (mesenchymal) stem cell (MSC) differentiation into osteoblastic (bone forming cells) and bone formation. To do that, we are collaborating with a large number of outstanding scientists and clinicians and we are employing state-of-the-art technologies of cellular and molecular biology, siRNA technologies, quantitative proteomics. We are also collaborating with biomaterial scientists in order to develop bio-engineered tissues for replacement therapies. We have a focus on translating our results from the laboratory to bedside and thus we test our strategies within in vivo models of tissue injury and regeneration. Our lab represents an international research environment and with scientists and students from China, Egypt, India, Iran, Kurdistan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and the USA.

Contact Information:

Winsløwparken 25.1
5000 Odense C
fax: 0045 6550 3950
tlf: 0045 6550 4084

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