Making Traces

Graphic traces - ‘enduring marks left in or on a solid surface by continuous movement’ - are everywhere around us. On our watches they parcel time into periods for work, rest, eating and playing. On our roads they organize intersections and mark off carriageways from turning lanes and exits. And in our urban environments they embellish almost every surface. Yet, despite their pervasiveness in human culture, strikingly little research has gone into studying their role in whole-bodied, sense-saturated, meaningful coordination and attunement between human agents.

This symposium brings together scientists, scholars and practitioners from a number of fields, including social anthropology, social semiotics, eco-social semiotics, cognitive neuroscience, typography and calligraphy, in a shared effort to understand the profound impact graphic traces have on large-scale human cultural patterns as well as on individual scale cognition.

The website is a work in progress

We're still putting together the website, and for the time being it only offers you options for registration (so you can get the Early Bird discount) and submission. However, we will put up information on keynote speakers and their abstracts, practical information etc. as soon as possible.


Theo Van Leeuwen and Christian Mosbæk Johannessen


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