Professional Master of Public Governance

Please notice – the language of instruction of Professional Master of Public Governance is Danish. There is no English language version of this programme.

 In all parts of the public sector, managers experience an increasing sense of expectations from users, citizens, staff members, politicians and society in general. These expectations concern:

  • professional management
  • efficient communication
  • staff development
  • supple organisations and
  • strategic thinking.

The Professional Master of Public Governance programme focuses on the special rules and expectations that public leaders face. The programme is arranged to suit public managers who are currently working. The programme enables you to create a space where you may ponder your organisation, your career and your management practice by learning about:

  • public administration
  • management
  • strategy and

You will become familiar with the most recent research within current developmental trends of the public sector. Our instructors are recognized researchers from Aarhus University, the University of Southern Denmark.

The courses are offered at two locations, Odense and Aarhus.
The programme was accredited by the Accreditation Council in 2008. The accreditation report may be read in full on ACE Denmark's homepage. See the report here.

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