Entry requirements

Applicants must fulfill one of the following educational criteria:

  • A Bachelor's degree, a Professional Bachelor's degree, a medium length further education, a Master's degree or hold a management diploma.

Furthermore, applicants must have:

  • two years worth of relevant business and leadership experience after graduating

You may apply for exemption from the admission requirements if you are able to meet the educational standards mentioned above.
The university cannot give exemption from the requirement about business experience.

Danish Language Requirements
Applicants with a foreign degree must, furthermore, have passed the University Qualification Test (Studieprøven) in Danish as a second language (previously Danish Test 2). It is a requirement that all the four constituent parts of the qualification test have been passed with the grade 6 or above on the 13-point scale or 02 on the 7-point grading scale.

The programme is only taught in Danish.

Along with the application from, you must enclose documentation of:

  • examination
  • Your CV or payslips from employers or substantiations on terms of employment that can document the demand for business experience.
  • A motivated application (one page maximum)
  • Results from Studieprøven

Prioritisation of applicants

If there are more qualified applicants than there are spaces, the board will prioritise applicants in the light of the following criteria:

  • A well founded interest and motivation for leadership
  • Relevant business experience
The admissions board assesses and prioritises according to the enclosed documentation. Therefore it is vital that you direct your application as it may decide your acceptance. 

The university reserves the right to refrain from creating classes for capacity related reasons and lacking staff resources.

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